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Apr 27, 2010 12:30am EDT
orleans, mitch landrieu. the louisiana lieutenant governor and brother of u.s. senator mary landrieu will be snorn as mayor. also acclaimed poet sonia sanchez is here. april is national poet's month. she is out with her first book of poetry in a decade. we're glad you have joined us. mitch landrieu and sonia sanchez coming up right now. >> there are so many things that wal-mart is looking forward to doing, like helping people live better, but mostly we're looking forward to helping build stronger communities and relationships because with your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance working to improve financial literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. >>♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] >> on may 3, mitch landrieu will be sworn in as mayor of new orleans. he follows a legendary family from new orleans including his father and former mayor and his sister, current
Apr 13, 2010 6:00pm EDT
ben cardin and louisiana senator mary landrieu introduced legislation that would block the airlines for charging for carry on. they say people are outraged. >> if you are a mother carrying on baby food for your child, is that going to be subject to a fee. >> reporter: on its web site, spirit says carry-on baggage got out of control and is causing longer lines for security checks and boarding and the fees will make things go smoother. to some extent passengers agree. >> a lot of people, because they don't charge for carry on, they took all their luggage with them so by the time we tried to get in the plane, there was no space in the overhead. >> reporter: but that $45 fee. >> that's steep. they are charging $25 for cargo per bag. >> reporter: some are glad to see congress moving to block the new charges. others not so much. >> you know, i believe in free enterprise. so, if spirit wants to try it, let them try it. i don't think we should leg slate. >> reporter: for its part, spirit says its solution to the bag crisis is a multiple step one that includes lowering fares and lowering fe
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Apr 2, 2010 10:00pm EDT
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Apr 3, 2010 1:00am EDT
purchase. tonight, louisiana senator mary landrieu gives her side of the story. did she make a backroom deal or being hammered unfairly? got a great way to hit back. i get claritin clear... ...with non-drowsy claritin liqui-gels. it relieves my worst allergy symptoms with pure liquid power. claritin liqui-gels. the only non-drowsy liquid capsule. live claritin clear. it's really hard to save for the future and they've come to a point where it's overwhelming. [ advisor 2 ] oh gee, i'm scared to tell you i've got this amount of credit card debt or i've got a 15-year-old and we never got around to saving for their college. that's when i go to work. we talk, we start planning. we can fix this. i know we can do it. when clients walk out of my office they feel confident about their retirement. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. . >> greta: we have four special guests. they all went to town halls and did not like the health care bill. what do they say now that the bill is law? first small business owner catherine grey made headlines after
Apr 22, 2010 2:00pm EDT
louisiana. this is some of the video as we mentioned 11 people are still missing but senator mary landrieu just released a statement calling for an investigation regarding the oil rig disaster, the deadliest in recent memory in this country. they're still looking for 11 people, one person's family has already filed a lawsuit citing negligence on behalf of the owners of the rig, itself. 11 people still missing and now senator mary landrieu has called for an investigation today of the oil rig disaster. we want to get more reaction now to president obama's big speech here in new york a few hours ago where he pushed for sweeping financial regulatory reform. joining me now from capitol hill, congressman darryll issa from california. thank you for joining us. we love to have you on. what are your thoughts on what you heard from the president today? >> the president is doing two things, pushing hard for what he calls reform and villifying wall street very broadly and i think the pushback has to be that wall street was part of the problem but it was only part of wall street. not every investment b
Apr 22, 2010 5:00pm EDT
's continuing its search for the 11 crew members that are still missing. u.s. senator mary landrieu, democrat of louisiana is commending rescue workers on their efforts and calling for a full investigation into this incident. meanwhile, china's growth, unprecede unprecedented. so some days it's literally hard to breathe in beijing. the air filled with pollution. at the same time, china is trying to become a green giant. tonight on "beyond the barrel" the race to the future behind the great wall. >> china is known for being a serial polluter, but there's another story to tell for this giant country on the other side of the great wall. green tech. china is pouring huge amounts of money into solar power, wind power and more. they're building entire cities around the new technologies. >> all of the convention energy will be used up. >> in a city of 500,000 people, 90% of the roof tops are covered with solar panels. the growth of china's wind energy sector has been nothing short of spectacular. ten years ago, the industry was nonexistent here. by 20 04, there was six local wind turbine manufacture
Apr 13, 2010 5:00pm EDT
: well, kai, senator ben cardin, and louisiana senator mary landrieu want to prevent costly fees for carry- on bags. the new bill being proposed would prohibit charges for carry-on. and also require advanced fees for specialty items. senator cardin says carry-on luggage is essential to people's health, work and safety. and it should come free. spirit airline was the first to announce fees. >> denise, thank you. senators cardin and landrieu, proposed a similar ban last month. but it was blocked. >> as the days get longer and warmer, thousands of boaters will find their way on the bay. and each year, some of em are lost to accidents and drowning. alex demetrick reports, that's brought a lot of agencies together for search-and-rescue work. >> the coast guard may get the call for help. but on something as big as the chesapeake, no one agency can do it all. >> where there's actual distress, our first search is our best search. so we launch as many assets as close as possible. >> some of those assets are brought to curtis bay for an annual meeting. groundwork here determines who does w
Apr 14, 2010 5:00am EDT
to establish this right up front. >> reporter: maryland senator ben cardin and louisiana senator mary landrieu have introduced legislation that would block the airline from carrying on luggage i can't if you are a mother carrying on baby food for your child, is that subjected to a fee in. >> reporter: on its web site, spirit says says luggage has gotten out of control and is causing longer lines for security and boarding. to some extent, passengers agree. >> i noted because they don't charge for carry-on, they took all that you are luggage with them on a carry-on. >> by the time we got in res there was no space for us on the overhead. >> reporter: but that $45 fee. >> that is i little steep. they are already charging $5 for cargo per bag. >> some passengers are glad to see congress moving to block the new charges. others not so much. >> you know, i believe in freenter price and so, if spirit wants to try, it let them try it. i don't think we should let legislate. >> reporter: for its part, spirit says its solution to the bag crisis is a multiple step one which includes lowering fares and lower
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Apr 14, 2010 7:00pm EDT
some sort of return at the department store. minutes ago the democratic senator mary landrieu of louisiana released a statement. in it she called for a full investigation by the department of state and asked officials in the state of tennessee to file the strongest possible charges against the adoptive mother. that mother is a woman named torry hansen. she says the 7-year-old whom she adopted has severe psychological problems she accuses the russian orphanage of hiding those from her. she flew the boy to washington with his adoptive grandmother. she took off. putting the child on a plane all by himself to moscow. the mother reportedly paid somebody to pick up the kid at the airport. before doing so, she pinned a note to the boy's jacket. there he is. a note saying is he mentally unstable and that after giving it her best shot, for her safety, for herself, and her family, she no longer wished to parent this child. officials in russia call what she did a monstrous deed and threatened to suspend pending adoptions in the united states. so during "studio b" this afternoon i spoke t
Apr 23, 2010 2:00pm EDT
safety. yesterday louisiana senator mary landrieu called for a probe into what caused the explosion. meanwhile, the coast guard and families of the 11 people still missing are holding out hope the workers will still be found alive. >> we do have a concern that these 11 missing people may have been on the rig at the time of the incident. however, we are actively continuing a search and rescue effort and holding out hope that we may find one of these 11 missing people. >> rear admiral landry also says there are no visible signs of oil leaking from the well or the oil rig itself. nbc's ron mott has the very latest from belle chasse, louisiana. >> reporter: good day from the naval air station just outside new orleans, the headquarters for the coast guard helicopters that have been aiding this week in the search and rescue effort for the 11 missing oil rig workers. officials say now they've canvassed about 3400 square miles of ocean front water looking for these 11 people. no signs of life at this point. in fact they apparently told families to prepare for this to change to a search and
Apr 30, 2010 10:00am EDT
. but there are other colleagues of yours that disagree. louisiana senator mary landrieu pointing out these spills are very rare, a .right of 0.001%. most of the time oil is produced and transported safely. what do you say to that? >> well, look at the potential magnitude. why did not the back-up safety mechanisms work? this thing is moving east now, toward florida. i can tell you people down here are panicked. our tourism, pristine beaches, base and estuary where marine life is spawned. our military training area, the largest for the military in the world, all of these things are threatened. >> are we putting too much -- you say you're pleased with the white house response too far. are we putting too much trust in the oil companies? >> we have to have the assurance we have the back-up systems. now, was it not just the back-up systems, which are obviously not functioning to close off the valves, but was it that the cement around the pipe that's supposed to secure the hole, was that defective? all of this is going to have to come out in an investigation. >> right. all right. well, we'll be watching
Apr 25, 2010 11:00pm EDT
and the civil rights movement. the landrieu family, mary landrieu and mitch landrieu who's now mayor and the morials, dutch morial, the first black mayor and mark morial who's the head of the urban league today. so it's reflecting on race and families in new orleans for julian bond. i then went and taught at tulane university and i'm now a professor of history at rice university in houston. i live in austin so i divide my time between austin-houston and i have three kids, which takes up a lot of my time. and i'm able to take them now to historic sites and parks that my parents took me to when i was young. >> yes, do they -- >> usually they -- >> -- do they resist? >> a little bit but, you know, we tend to go more to like dino parks and things like this. but i'm -- i mean we were just in waco, texas and i took them on a tour of the dr. pepper factory. or if we go to, you know, houston we try to go to the history museum as well as some of the natural history ones so i'm -- it's in my blood, and i'm planning on taking them to all these places because they mean so much to me. >> yes. >>
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Apr 22, 2010 11:00am EDT
just out from louisiana senator mary landrieu, she is commending the coast guard for the seven and rescue operation that it is performing right now, but also saying that a full investigation ought to be completed into exactly what happened here. now, obviously, drilling for oil and gas can be dangerous business, but it's pretty unusual to have these rigs blow up like that, isn't it? >> that's true. this is an unusual occurrence. this doesn't happen very often. there are 30,000 workers on these rigs every day out in the gulf of mexico, and they follow stringent safety procedures. this is inherently dangerous work, and they do prepare for that, the coast guard inspects them for safety procedures, as well. so they go through rigorous training, they know what to do, and it's a credit to -- you know, we are searching for the 11 crew members and that is our focus, but the more than 115 that have been accounted for is a testament to how they're trained, their ability to evacuate the rig, but all the supporting cast members. there were more than 30 waters in the boat at the time of the
Apr 14, 2010 6:00am EDT
. and what's blanche lincoln going to do on this? what's mary landrieu in louisiana -- i mean, it's going to be health care all over again and you'll have four, five, six moderate democrats that are going to be very concerned about going along with someone seen as a left wing jurist, despite the fact we have -- you know, they could probably -- they could probably pick bruce willis as supreme court nominee and he would be painted as a left wing marxist. >> good luck. >> nice little laugh. would you not agree with me? >> it was a polite laugh. >> you know what i'm saying. come on, would you like to bet that whoever is -- >> it's going to be bruce willis. >> -- nominated is not going to be called as a left wing marxist? >> they're going to have a hard time. elena kagan has been very cautious over her career. you're right, they'll try. >> mike, it's never too early to talk about 2012. sarah palin grabs all the headlines. which republican is actually out there raising the most money? >> mitt romney, baby. raking it in, dog. $1.5 million in the first three months of this year. half a million fo
Apr 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
commission chairman julius genachowski. mary landrieu of louisiana chairs the small business and entrepreneurship committee. this is just over two hours. >> good morning, everyone and welcome to the small business hearing. connecting main street to the world. we are excited about the two panels that we have this morning, and anxious to hear the testimony and also looking forward to the questions. we should have a good attendance on our side this morning as we can see the room is packed, because there's a tremendous amount of interest in how small businesses, both in urban areas, suburban areas, and in rural and sometimes underserved areas can benefit from the new technologies and new partnerships that are emerging on this issue. so i am pleased to be in the senate hearing on small business and entrepreneurship today in our newly renovated space and hopefully you all will enjoy the benefits of that today. i like to begin by thanking our witnesses. we have a distinguished verse panel, which i will introduce in a minute. but what i want to say is that i understanunderstand our w
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)